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i can’t wait to kick my own ass today


Hey friends! If you’ve been following me since February I am very sorry to annoy you with yet another post about my ex boyfriend Steve, shavingryansprivates, regarding his awful behavior towards others.

A few months ago I spoke openly about how he sexually assaulted me while we were together sometime in December or January. After publicly speaking about his mistreatment towards me, 3 girls messaged me sharing their experiences with him. Amid exposing male bloggers for their predatory behavior recently, 4 more have come forward to tell me about their experiences with him.

So I’m compiling this post so his other victims can share their stories and have their voices heard. Just so everyone knows, it’s a very long post.

Warning: there are mentions of #sexual assault, #emotional abuse, and #predatory behavior so please exercise caution if you continue to read.

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can we please have lupita in a romantic comedy and be the girl that’s way out of the white guy’s league 


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so has tumblr been notified of the existence of cookie butter yet

it’s basically nutella but instead of chocolate it tastes like GINGERBREAD!!!!! and the crunchy kind has cookie crumbs in it. it’s the most amazing thing ever and you can find it at trader joes so hop to it guys



horoscope app: today u gonna #stunt on these hoes
me: damn….das tru


Some dreams feel so real.

Vine by Curtis Lepore